The idea of establishing CZRH was initiated by the late H.E Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, the 5th phase President of the United Republic of Tanzania. Now, establishing CZRH as an independent Institution is in one way commemorating his legacy and on the other fulfilling the idea of establishing the CZRH as a Cardiac Institute in the Lake Zone intended to serve as a fully owned government and a consultant teaching Hospital.

The proposed establishment of CZRH as an autonomous Institution through the proposed organization structure, the processes of appointment of senior management leaders for substantive posts, the composition of the Hospital Board of Trustees, the executive management committee and its functions, all of which is to be set and governed by the governing Instrument establishing CZRH as an Institution. The missions, visions, values and objectives of the Hospital shall also be provided for under the governing Instrument as tool for the Hospital operations only to be followed for the betterment of provision of sustainable and standard healthcare services within the existing government healthcare policy and in accordance with the provisions of the Instrument establishing CZRH.    

CZRH commenced the provision of healthcare services on the 30th day of July, 2021 and it has since been progressing well currently with994 bed capacity, expected to accommodate total number of bed capacity of 800 up to 1,000 when it is fully functioning. 

Being the only Government Zonal Referral Hospital in the Lake Zone purposely and strategically intended to be established as a Government Cardiac Institute and a Tourist Hospital in the Lake Zone. Building this Hospital is intended to serve and reduce the burden to Bugando Medical Centre which is Catholic based Institution for the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) being operated under public private partnership with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the MOH which was previously the only Zonal Referral Hospital in the Lake Zone serving over 7 regions in the Lake Zone with estimated total population of about 16 million.  

The hospital is currently building its reputation in the health care industry, in its ability to deal with tertiary patient’s care services, provision of timely and standard specialized and super-specialized healthcare services particularly in the provision of cardiac services equipped with high tech equipment, provision of trainings and research activities. Currently, CZRH is providing OPD services, EMD services, ICU services, surgical services like Obstetrics and Gynecology, dental, general surgeries and ENT services, Clinical Supportive services which include Laboratory, Pharmacy, Quality Assurance, Radiology and Imaging, Nursing, Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Medical Records and administration services.

The Hospital when it is fully functioning it is projecting to run in addition to the current services about 30 divisions or more including; Oncology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Cardiac/Renal services, Urology, Physiotherapy, Pediatrics, Academic Research and Training, CTC, Community Health, Engineering, ICT and Planning.

The proposed establishment of Chato Zonal Referral Hospital into an autonomous Institution is basically coming at the right time intending to achieve the government goals of having a sustainable healthcare services in the Lake Zone which will bring healthcare services closer, available, timely accessible to the general public serving the catchment area of the Geita Region, Kagera Region, Kigoma region and part of Shinyanga Region with an estimated Zonal population of 9,883,722 according to the 2012 National Census Report

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