This Unit shall be headed by the Director for Legal Services appointed by the Hospital Governing Board to supervise and provide legal services to the hospital management and the Hospital Governing Board and shall perform the following activities: -

Provide legal support services to the Hospital;

  • Draft contracts and carry out review of contract which the Hospital is party in liaison with Office of the Attorney General where necessary;
  • Carry out litigation matters for and on behalf of the Hospital in liaison with the Office of the Attorney General;
  • Be a custodian of all Hospital legal and statutory documents including Hospital Seal;
  • Coordinate the preparation of areas for development and review of the staff regulations;
  • Assist the Hospital Management in the interpretation of laws, rules and regulations, policies, procedures, Government circulars and notices.
  • Provide secretariat services to the Hospital Governing Board and its committees and follow up implementation of resolutions passed by the Governing Board in the governing meetings;
  • Procurement of all necessary Legal Statutes as shall be revised from time to time,
  • Procurement of necessary Law Reports as compiled from the Judiciary, Tanganyika Law society and other quasi Judicial bodies and Relevant Law Books for legal references;
  • Assist in the interpretation of the Public Procurement Act and its Regulations and provide advice prior to commencing of any procurement process by the Hospital Management;
  • Draft and scrutinize leases and transfer of property for and on behalf of the Hospital.
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