This Section will perform the following activities: -

  1. Provide good standards to patients, visitors and community;
  2. Interview patients with social problems and identify factors which might lead to illness;
  3. Advice the management of the patients requiring exemption;
  4. Screen vulnerable patients who are incapable to access Medical care;
  5. Counsel patients according to the needs;
  6. Conduct home visit to disabled patients and those with special needs;
  7. Coordinate in liaison with the respective authorities, issue of un-claimed dead bodies who has stayed for more than 14 days in the mortuary;
  8. Liaise with police on issues concerning unidentified and abandoned patients; and
  9. Prepare data, reports and maintain registers for all patients social investigations with issues of exemptions in liaison with the administration Section;
  10. Handle all matter in relation to Gender Based Violence (GBV) in liaison with the Administration Section; and
  11. Handle all matters of community based services    
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